Verbal Suggestion’s Effect on Analgesia

Today it seems clear that the experimental manipulation used to induce placebo analgesia plays a fundamental role in the magnitude of the response. Among the different manipulations that have been performed, both the type of verbal suggestions and the individual’s previous experience have been found to be important. Verbal suggestions that induce certain expectations of …

Mental Training for Better Achievement: Effects of Verbal Suggestions and Evaluation (of Effectiveness) on Cognitive Performance

There is only some literature regarding the influence of verbal suggestions on cognitive performance in healthy volunteers. For example, the performance in a knowledge test was enhanced when participants were told that they had subliminally received the correct answer. However, enhancing cognitive performance only via verbal suggestions without prior conditioning phases has not yet been examined. The goal of our study was therefore to investigate the effects of mental training based on verbal suggestions compared to a control training on cognitive performance in a student population using a balanced-placebo-design.