To Add Things

Boyan:  31 Male 
Problem to be solved: “I need something to help me focus better and for longer periods of time while i’m studying for my finals in Nursing School.  Something without the jitters and crash in the end.” 
Solution: Anberetur (An: without beretur: distraction) Take one pill, with water no food, half an hour (30 min) before you are ready to study.  Deep focus effects will last for 2 hours.  Wait at least one hour before taking another pill.  For best results, close your eyes in that off hour or eat a small, healthy snack, or take a walk outside.  Do not take more than 2 pills in one day. 
Results: “Oddly enough, it seems to be working every time!  For the first week, week and a half, I had a hint of doubt whenever I took Anberetur but I just reminded myself why I was taking it: Nursing school is really hard and competitive, no if and or buts about it, I have to be on my A game and do good.  Vocalizing why exactly I am taking this placebo, Anberetur, has really helped with my apprehension which I think is one of the reasons why it has worked every time.  I don’t feel jittery while i’m on it like pre-workouts make me feel, I’m just able to tune things out more efficiently and stay tuned in for longer.  After about 2 hours my focus is at its limits and I take a brake, generally I take a 1.5 hour brake eating a snack then taking a short nap before taking another pill and cranking away for another 2 hours, its absolutely great!” 

-We (Next Gen Placebos) worked closely with Boyan to design this Placebo Experience in order to help him study more efficiently for his exams.  We decided on the name Anberetur because of the significance of the words, ‘An’ meaning without in medical terminology and ‘Beretur’ meaning distraction in Latin.  

Our goal is to break the misconceptions behind placebos and educate people on the safe, effective, ethical ways of incorporating placebo treatments with everyday life.  The problem we are solving is the chronic overuse and misuse of medication that is leading to an ever increasing number of kidney failures, liver failures, and other unnecessary disorders.